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Having chosen your piano, you may wish to select a matching stool.
We offer a special discount on all new stools with any piano purchased.

20% off: Single Adjustable
20% off: Single Box
15% off: Duet
15% off: Adjustable Box
15% off: Concert

For our range of stools and prices please visit the Stools page 

YAMAHA U1/UX1   U3/UX3   U5/UX5
What is the difference?  U series/ UX series

A line of pianos

Many people are misinformed about the differences between these models.
We have been selling U1 and U3 pianos for over 20 years. They are fantastic instruments, both new and second-hand. Alongside our standard U1/U3 models we always try to have in stock the UX range; UX1 UX3 and UX5. Whilst these models are exactly the same size as the standard U series pianos,it is possible to have a different standard of instrument.

For example; Steinway model K, Yamaha U3, virtually identical in size but in fairness a different standard of instrument (also a different price ticket).
The UX series is mostly recognised from the X bracing on the back of the piano. However,this is by no means the only difference. All the UX series pianos are manufactured using higher grade materials than the standard U series pianos. Externally the UX series all have the famous X bracing on the back, adding more strength to the construction of the piano. The front panel is vented to allow more sound from the front of the instrument.

Internally the bass strings are longer on the UX models than the standard U model pianos, even though the pianos are the same in height. Yamaha have achieved this by curving the bridge at the bottom of the piano. Higher grade wood and felt are used on hammers and dampers on all UX models.
The UX5 model also boasts having balanced and extra weighted keys and
agraffe as opposed to a pressure bar and sostonuto pedal feature. Yes, I agree to use the sontonuto pedal you would have to be a very accomplished pianist but, having said that I will probably never use all 88 keys on my piano.
But at least whilst all 88 keys are there I have something to aim for.
I am aware that the newer version of the UX5 (YUS5) does not have agraffe's fitted, we can only put this down to manufacturing cost, as it is a less expensive option to fit a pressure bar. In my opinion, a pressure bar works fine but agraffe's work slightly better. This is why on grand pianos only agraffe's are used and sostonuto pedal is now fitted as standard.

The difference between the U series and UX series pianos I have mentioned 
may seem slight on their own, but brought together they do make for quite a
different instrument.
You don't have to be a piano technician to see and understand the differences I have mentioned in these UX pianos. I am more than happy to take pianos apart and show you, so you can see for yourself.
Yes, the Yamaha U1 and U3 pianos are very popular. However,there are
plenty of other models made by Yamaha which we feel are just as good and in some cases better. Why not pay us a visit.

For our full stock list and prices please visit the Pianos page.